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EKC 2017

Competition in Kendo

A kendo match is fought between two competitors in an individual match. In team competition there are three to five persons in each team. In the Continental Championships and the World Championships a team consists of five persons that fight five matches in each team match.

Three referees decide during the matches, who cut or thrust a valid score. The valid score is the IPPON. At least two of the three referees must judge the score to be valid.

To score a point, the blow must be delivered with clarity and precision, using the outer third of the shinai. There are four specified target areas in Kendo, each worth one point in a match. They are strikes to the head (MEN), the body (DO), the wrist (KOTE) and a thrust to the throat (TSUKI).

The referees have to decide according to complicated principles. For example, the offender has to attack in time, with correct strength, and he/she has to hit the opponent at the correct part of his/her body. They decide whether the offender presses his/her opponent with a forceful voice (kiai), and that whether he/she is ready to attack again after a successful attack. If these conditions are met, the referees judge the point.

In a match one must obtain two scores. The duration of the matches is generally 5 minutes. There is a possibility for a drop-out or a pool (where the first and the second best can go on) system of competition. In a team competition teams of five members have to fight one after another. Teams can qualify in the proportion of the team members’ winning.

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