Iaido High-Grade Seminar & Exam up to 7th Dan

Dear Iaido Friends,

2 years ago in 2022 we have met with many of you, and again we hope to see of you again including all newcomers as well. Therefore we are proud to announce to be the host after and we do hope that we can strive to deepen our knowledge with the support of Japanese senseis. You will find the description and details of the event below. Although the event name is indicating “high level” but if you already have 1.Dan you are more than welcome to join this special event.

Name of the event:

Iaido High-Grade Seminar & Exam up to 7th Dan

ZNKR senseis:
To be announced!

1st of June Saturday 10:00-17:00: ZNKR Renmei Iaido keiko (including lunch time)
2nd of June Sunday 10:00-13:00: ZNKR Renmei Iaido keiko
2nd of June Sunday 14:00-17:00: HKF and EKF Dan examination until 7.dan
2nd of June Sunday 19:00-01:00: Sayonara Party

Location of the seminar:
Folyondár Vasas Sportcenter, HUNGARY, Budapest, Folyondár u. 15, 1037
Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/wAjFxiKW6BjdQMqP7

Official hotel*:
Hotel for the ZNKR & EKF delegations and for the Sayonara party:
Hotel Helia, 1133 HUNGARY, Budapest, Kárpát u. 62-64.
Google map link: https://g.page/DanubiusHotelHelia?share

For detailed information and reservation click HERE

*Should you choose the official hotel, you will receive a special room rates (less then the open Internet offers) and a discounted Sayonara party as well. Also based on enough enquiry we can rent a charter bus to commute between Helia hotel and the sport facility. (We need at least 50 people to order one)

Seminar €90pp
Daily ticket for Saturday seminar: €/60pp
Daily ticket for Sunday seminar: €/50pp

EXAM 1-5. Dan by HKF.
For HKF exam please do NOT transfer the Examination fee. You can only pay cash for that! Registration also must be done by the National Federation’s representative on the EKF admin page <https://admin.ekf-eu.com/> until 19.05.2024.


1. Dan                       €15                            €20                         €35
2. Dan                    €20                            €30                              €50
3. Dan                    €30                               €50                         €80
4. Dan                    €50                               €70                         €120
5. Dan                    €70                               €100                            €170

In case exam was unsuccessful then HKF reimburses the examination fee.

HKF 1.-5.dan examination task:
– No written test
– 1-3. Dan 5 shitei ZNKR Seitei waza
– 4-5. Dan 1 koryu jui waza & 4 shitei ZNKR Seitei waza

EXAM of 6-7th dan is organised and handled by the European Kendo Federation.
Registration for 6th and 7th dan examination are to be made by National Federation’s representative on the EKF website <https://admin.ekf-eu.com/> until 19.05.2024. By the same date the application fee has to be received on the EKF Bank account.

Sayonara Party: €80pp (includes ‘smorgasbord’ or Swedish-table dinner & 3 hours all you can drink)
If you are NOT accommodating yourself in Hotel Helia, but wish to come to the Sayonara Party (Gala party), then you must order through our Federation on this application form. If you stay in the Hotel, then this is a simple way to do it HERE!

Charter bus for Helia Hotel guest:
While renting a bus isn’t the least expensive way to travel, it simplifies things greatly by avoiding the need to coordinate taxis. This is particularly handy if a large group of 100 people need to leave at the same time, as taxis might be delayed or overwhelmed, especially during busy times like Saturday afternoons. Public transport isn’t the best option either, since it involves changing lines to reach the sports hall. A charter bus can accommodate 50 people, and if it’s fully booked, the cost will be €25 per person for round trips on both event days.

Charter bus schedule for Saturday (if fully booked):
09:00 AM front of Helia Hotel to Folyondar Sport facility
17:30 PM from Folyondar Sport facility to Helia Hotel

Charter bus schedule for Sunday: (if fully booked)
09:00 AM front of Helia Hotel to Folyondar Sport facility
17:30 PM from Folyondar Sport facility to Helia Hotel

Lunch – Sandwiches for Saturday:
Folyondar Sports Center has a small buffet, with limited capacity will not be sufficient to serve 150 people in a short lunch period. Therefore it is advisable to order baguette sandwiches. We will featuring two types of huge once Ham Eiffel the other is a Chees Gourmet.

Price for 2 baguettes: €10

Shinken handling: There is no restriction to take you sharp blade to Hungary! However please have this declaration letter with you, and its link is HERE

Bank transfer is preferable! If you wish to pay in cash, please send a separate email to office(at)kendo.hu to arrange your payment. Additionally, please note that after the May 10 deadline, we can only refund half of the seminar fee in case of cancellation. Unfortunately, we cannot refund the costs for lunch, Sayonara (Gala party) and bus service. We appreciate your understanding.

Please make payment for the seminar until 10th. of May:
Name of account: MKSZ
Hungarian Kendo, Iaido & Jodo Federation (MKSZ) Address: 1073 Budapest, Dob u. 80.
Bank Address: Magnet Bank, Budapest 1062, Andrássy út 98.
Account number €: 16200216-17082408
IBAN Code: HU25 1620 0216 1708 2408 0000 0000
PLEASE write on your remittance: Your family name your country and note what you have ordered and . Expl: John Smith, Antarctica, Seminar 90+Lunch 10…etc.

PLESE NOTE: All subscriber get an automated confirmation email, so please check your SPAM folder!

Should you have any queries please send us an email to office@kendo.hu!

Hope to see you in Budapest!

Sincerely yours,

HKF High grade Iai seminar committee

MKSZ Naptár

2024 April

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Éves MKSZ Közgyűlés
  • Sakura Kendo Kupa - Budapest Főnix
  • Dopping felvilágosítás
  • Tavaszi Kendo Kata Szeminárium & Ji-Geiko

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